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Everyone needs a will! Even a person with minimal assets benefits from a will. The circumstances that surround one’s death are never certain. Death due to an accident, medical malpractice, or wrongful death can lead into a lawsuit and the acquisition of assets. If this is the case and you do not have a proper will this money can be tied up and picked apart leaving little for your loved ones. You can make decisions now for the proper distribution of these assets should they become available. Planning for younger loved ones is especially important. You can set the parameters for the distribution of these assets and prevent irresponsible actions from depleting the money faster than you would have liked. Don’t leave your family waiting and help them to get all that they deserve!

All will packages include 3 main documents:

  1. Will -- manages your property at time of death
  2. Living Will -- time of death choices including decisions about life support
  3. Power of Attorney -- appoints a person to act on one's behalf should they become unable to do so

The Starter Will
This will is perfect for newly married couples and couples who have recently had children.

With the uncertainty that is life it is always better to plan ahead. This will makes vital decisions about the future of your children and loved ones in the event of your death. This will names beneficiaries and details the dissolution of your assets. Don't leave the court in charge of dolling out your assets which could take months to years and can cause a lot of stress and feuding between loved ones. This will also name a guardian so your children will go to the home which you decide is best. Leaving this undone can result in your children being placed unnecessarily into the foster care system and can spur ugly legal battles between family and friends. Making these choices now can save your loved ones a lot of time, energy, and money. Live easier knowing that you have the say in your family’s future!

Tax Planning Will
This will is for individuals with over one million dollars in assets or a taxable estate of two million or more.

Along with wealth comes added responsibility. Individuals exceeding one million dollars of personal wealth need to include tax strategies in their estate documents. Save your loved ones from having to pay more tax by adding tax planning into your will. Your assets could become tied up for years following your death. They may never end up being properly distributed. Make it known now who you want taking charge of all you have earned in life. Avoid causing messy disputes between family and friends by eliminating the need for them to fight over your estate. It’s your money and you should be the one to decide what happens to it!

Late in Life Will
If you are getting on in years and have not yet set up a will or if you have one that you are unhappy with then this is the will for you.

This type of will is urgent for people who are 80 and older. It is a well known fact that no one lives forever and why waste time worrying about what will happen when you’re gone when you can make those decisions today. Set up a will and be confident that your decisions will be honored. Prevent unnecessary fighting between loved ones. Don't leave something so important to strangers. You have the right to decide what happens to your assets after you are gone!