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Special Trusts

John Olczak is a pioneer when it comes to setting up special needs trusts. These trusts are set up for someone who is disabled to the point of not being able to fully care for them self and who needs help controlling their assets. This trust allows for this person to inherit or take money without it counting against their government benefits. There will be an appointed trustee, either John, a family member or friend that will be responsible for acting as executor of the trust. This way the disabled person can remain enrolled in government programs and continue receiving benefits and still have money available for other personal needs and emergencies.

Without a trust, inherited or gifted money is viewed as income. If this amount is large enough, the special needs person may be disqualified for certain government programs. They are then left to live off this money until it runs low enough for them to qualify for benefits again. By the time they are again eligible for these benefits they will have exhausted most of their resources. They will not have money for personal items (i.e. clothing, furniture, etc.) and will be ill prepared in the case of an emergency.

If you know someone who you feel could truly benefit from a special needs trust please do not hesitate to call for a free consultation. This could be just the solution they need to live out a more secured life and it can ease the minds of their loved ones knowing they will have financial security for life.