Estate Administration
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Atlanta GA, 30342
Phone: (404) 531-0911
Estate Admin
With death there is always a lot of unfinished business that must be attended to. There can be months even years of work that must be done before getting the deceasedís affairs in order. Whoever is chosen as the personal representative of the deceased assumes the responsibility of doing this. There are a wide variety of things that may need to be taken care of:

-Life insurance
-Real Estate
-Corporate accounts
-Rental Property
-Bank Accounts
-Investment Accounts
-Personal Tax Return/Estate Tax Return
-Current Residence
-Missing Beneficiaries
-Court Petitions
-Funeral Arrangements
And much more...

John Olczak has spent the last eight years focusing primarily on Estate Administration. Let him help you to get through this trying time without all the annoyance and chaos that this process brings. His experience in dealing with these and many other issues can ease the burden that death inevitably places on others. Allowing someone who has the knowledge for handling these last business and transactional affairs can ensure that they will be taken care of properly and completely.